Solar Air Heating

Solar Air Heating

Solar air heating is the absorption of sun's energy by an absorber that is then used to heat air which can be utilized in conditioning air in buildings or other heating processes.  Under the supervision of Prof. Sa'adoun Jalloud and the full support of REC, ASU students form Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department completed their Solar Air Heater as graduation project.

Students Names:

  1. Amro Awni Zamil
  2. Yousef Naser Al Khatieb
  3. Ahmad Osama Rahmeh

Two different designs implemented for comparison, the first one consists of 16 columns of aluminum cans (10 cans each) with air passages between them. The second design is simply a plate of corrugated sheet metal used for roofing. The Solar Air Heater is completelly fabricated by students and technicians from ASU Engineering Workshops.

The Solar Air Heater is planned to be installed in REC offices after testing. Preliminary tests are very good with approximately 40°C supply air temperature in partially cloudy winter day.