Building Energy Auditing Project

Building Energy Auditing Project

This program aims to provide services with the least cost and least environmental effect. Energy auditing is the key to systematic approaching for our university and it does calculate the total inputs with its uses.

As a part of the project an Energy auditing report built for our university, the report done by EcoSol Company.

The main objectives of this project are the following:

1. Conduct a complete billing analysis for the project establishes the energy balance for the university.
2. Identifying energy efficiency enhancement opportunities, supported by a complete technical, financial and environmental analysis.
3. Increasing the levels of awareness of Staffs and stack holders about the importance of energy savings for the Jordanian economy. 

This energy audit report contains detailed data and analysis about energy and water aspects at Applied Science Private University (ASU), which is based on the thorough energy audit conducted by EcoSol. 

Some of the Report Results: 

Electrical load Breakdown: 

Fuel Consumption Breakdown: 

Water Consumption Breakdown: 

The energy audit presented many energy management opportunities to achieve the aforementioned monetary savings that reaches to 22 % of the consumed energy. 

About the EcoSol company and ASU Report: 

EcoSol website:

EcoSol ASU project: