Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

Solar cooking can change lives and save lives! Solar cooking is advantageous over traditional fuel cooking in developing countries since some people suffer the rising prices and shortage of fuel, it also save time spent searching for wood.

As a graduation project, two students in ASU (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department) supervised by Prof. Salah Amarneh completed the design and construction of enhanced Solar Cookers. They constructed four different designs:

  1. Basic design solar cooker
  2. Basic design solar cooker with reflector
  3. Manual tracking solar cooker
  4. Automatic tracking solar cooker

The complete design and construction is performed by the students with the help of technicians from ASU Engineering Workshops.

Students Names:

  1. Jameel Khalil Afaneh
  2. Mohammad Kameel Elyyan

The solar cooker is still under testing, but it is intended to reach a temperature of 90°C or more inside the cooker.